Now Available: The Deceit of Rome

Maurits Prins has succeeded in writing a truly revealing book about the untruths and malversations of the Roman Catholic Church. He shows us in convincing manner that the so-called truth of the Christian religion is, in actuality, based on nothing. And he explains very clearly how it was originally generated out of self-interest, lies, fantasies and misuse of power.


He discovered that the scriptures of the New Testament were merely a small selection from a vast collection of literally thousands of fragments. These carefully selected writings were combined in such a way that they seemed to belong together as a coherent whole. They were subsequently filtered, regularly revised and many things were both added and taken out. The Biblical gospels, as we know them, have been falsified and are filled with hiatuses. This effected the creation of a new form of theological Christianity with which they intended to eradicate primordial gnosticism.


As a highly sensitive child, he already knew that certain affairs were awry because they were not in accordance with what was being preached, and this made him curious. The introduction of the book offers a view into how he personally experienced this.


With this book he intends to achieve a breaking through of the spiral of stupefaction and paralysis, so that each human being is allowed to awaken from its inner self.


This book is written in an engaging and moving manner, and is accessible to everyone. A book well worth reading.